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Application Requirements

Certain minimal revision levels are required for the applications CCDAutoPilot will command.  CCDAutoPilot will simply not work with earlier versions.  Version checking is incorporated to prevent operation with applications that do not meet these minimum versions.  In most cases, updates are freely available from the software publisher and must be implemented for successful CCDAutoPilot operation.
  • Windows XP, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7/8 32-bit or 64-bit as long as .NET 4.0 (Extended) Framework is loaded.
  • .NET FrameWork 4.0 The extended edition is required.

    One of the following camera control programs:
  • CCDSoft version 5.00.205 or later, 5.00.215 recommended.
  • MaxImDL version 4.62 or later. 5.08 or later recommended, requires the ASCOM platform specified below. 
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition 10.2.0, Build 7032 or later with Camera Add On. The latest daily build, available from the Software Bisque web site, is always recommended for best functionality. Build 9240 ot later is required to TheSkyX rotator control

    One of the following telescope control programs/environments
  • ASCOM platform 6.0 SP1 or later
  • TheSky6 Professional Edition 6.00.65 or later
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition 10.2.0 or later

  • FocusMax 3.4.40 or later.  FocusMax requires the ASCOM platform, identified above.
  • TheSky6 or TheSkyX for SkyStar focusing.
  • PlaneWave control programs v2.2.0.12 or later or V3.3.2 or later.

    Plate Solving
  • CCDSoft and TheSky6 as specified above
  • PinPoint v5.x or later
  • TheSkyX as specified above.

    One of the following rotator control programs
  • ASCOM-compliant driver and the ASCOM platform as specified above
  • AstroDon TAKometer Control v 0.0.1 or later
  • RCOS TCC Software, version 1.5.23 or later
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition version 10.3.0, build 9240 or later

    One of the following dome control programs
  • ASCOM-compliant drive and the ASCOM platform as specified above
  • AutomaDome version 1.00.014 or later
  • Technical Innovations DigitalDomeWorks

  • Boltwood Cloud Sensor I, II, If your Clarity sofrware supports both the old and new single line data file facility, be sure to select the old format. CCDAutoPilot does not support nor need the new format.  TI/AAG Cloud Sensor and compatible cloud sensors that provide the single line data file in a folder accessible to CCDAutoPilot