Version 3.0

Target selection and image aquisition planning allowing you to explore deep sky objects like never before.

Download and Run Installer  
(If you do not have a CCDNavigator V3 license, be sure to check Request Trial License before proceeding.)

Requires Microsoft .NET 3.5

Weather Ninja 2.0

A handy utility to display a selected Clear Sky Chart, Sun and Moon ephemerides, Jet stream, visible or IR satellite photos, lightning strikes and a weather forecast for your location. This new version automatically updates every 15 minutes and all windows can be minimized / restored as a group.

For U.S. and Canada only. Compliments of Steve Walters, the author of CCDNavigator, and CCDWare.

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Version 2

New features and support for more mounts make PEMPro more accurate and easy to use then ever.

Download   Requires Microsoft .NET 2.0

Version 2.53

Assess your imaging systems optical performance in real-time or using existing FITS files. Precisely collimate your telescope with your CCD camera and ensure perfect focus.

Download   Requires Microsoft .NET 2.0

CCDIS/P Plug-in
Version 2.1.6

This plug-in improves the speed and accuracy of CCDStack registration. It requires CCDStack v1.4.


Version 5.0

Full automation of your imaging system with powerful technologies allowing for the acquisition of better data resulting in better images. Download the installer from the link below.

Download and Run Installer 
(If you do not have a CCDAutoPilot V5 license, be sure to check Request Trial License before proceeding.)

Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Extended

Version 2+

The most powerful astronomical image processing software available. Calibrate, Debloom, Register and Combine in a unique and easy to use interface. Includes full support for color.

Download   Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client

Retired Products

CCDStack Version 1.70.0
CCDNavigator Version 1.20.17
CCDNavigator Version 2.077
CCDInspector Version 1.3.4
CCDAutoPilot Version 4.x

CCDAutoPilot Version 3.42.7
CCDAutoPilot Version 2.55
CCDAutoPilot Version 1.14
PEMPro Version 1.70.147

NOTE: These applications are no longer for sale but can be downloaded by clicking on the name.

Other Related Downloads
ASCOM Platform
Astronomy Common Object Model
This is a free download.

FocusMax 3.4.40
Installs Automated Focusing Software for CCD Cameras and Robotic Focusers.

Maxim DL/CCD
Complete Package for Astronomical CCD Imaging and Image Processing.

CCDSoft 5.0
Complete Image Processing and CCD Camera Control Software.

TheSky 6
Easy-to-use planetarium and telescope control program.


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