Presentations by CCDWare Authors

Over the years, CCDWare authors have given presentations at various imaging conferences. Those presentations are available here for your information.

CCDStack, Sofware Tools: Visualization and Conntrol for Optimal Images
Stan Moore, AIC 2008

Advanced Image Combine Techniques
Ray Gralak, AIC 2008

CCDStack2 Workshop
Stan Moore, AIC 2010

Automated Exoplanet Search Facility
John Smith, AIC 2010

CCDAutoPilot5 Workshop
John Smith, AIC 2011

Getting the Most from Your Imaging Equipment
John Smith, AIC 2012

Precision Focusing with FocusMax
Steve Brady, AIC 2012

CCDNavigator3, Get the Most from Clear Nights
Steve Walters, NEAIC 2013

CCDAutoPilot5 Maximizing Performance:
Flight School

Steve Walters, NEAIC 2013

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