Powerful, easy-to-use astronomical image processing software with next-generation technology. Version 2 adds multiple processor support for faster operation, additional deconvolution controls to correct minor tracking & guiding errors, bad pixel mapping, improved registration and enhanced DSLR RAW support for popular cameras.


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CCDStack provides you with many tools to process, assemble and view your astronomical images. CCDStack uses sophisticated statistical concepts and methods to optimize stacking processes. CCDStack’s intuitive interface is straight-forward with unique and insightful displays of images and data.

CCDStackt is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows. Due to the structural design of 32-bit Windows, you are limited to around 1 GB of usable memory, regardless of the amount of installed windows. 64-bit Windows can take advantage of all the memory that is available to it, making processing much faster and more responsive. Your stack size is only limited by the amount of memory you have in your machine.

Once your images are loaded up in this stack, processing can be performed on your images as one group of data. This allows for new, advanced image processing techniques not before available in commercial software.

CCDStack provides all the tools you need for your image processing workflow:

  • Dark, Flat and Bias frame calibration
  • Star Bloom Removal
  • Image alignment and registration
  • Re-sampling of registered images
  • Image normalization
  • Advanced Data Rejection
  • Image Combine
  • Gradient Removal
  • Real-Time DDP Display
  • Deconvolution and Sharpening
  • Full LRGB Color Capabilities

New Features in V2+

  • Process Manager Script controlled batch processor that can be used to automate workflow and create custom controls.
  • Auto Calibration Runtime determination of best calibration frames based on user’s criteria
  • Open Selected Files Automatically select and load files based on user defined attributes.
  • Save/Open Stacks Save or Open a list of all files in the current stack.
  • FITS Header Editor View and Edit FITS Headers.
  • Tool Strips Configurable buttons for quick execution of common tasks.


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This fourth volume is part of the continuing series of tutorials, called Making Every Pixel Count by,
Adam Block.

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From the users:

I am so impressed with CCDStack not only because it is powerful but it is comprehensible. It mates perfectly with Photoshop CS5 and CS6 and is well organized logically in a perfect workflow expressed in common terms. This is really a masterpiece of software!

Tony Hallas - CA, USA