Time Estimates

A key aspect of planning is the estimation of various event timings that occur during the course of an imaging session.  These events are shown above.  One can either enter estimates or let CCDAutoPilot develop them using its internal learning algorithm.  The more sessions are run, the more accurate the estimates become.  At the end of each run, the actual event history is compared with the estimates and the values are adjusted.  Any differences are shown in the adjust box.  As additional sessions are run, the magnitude of this adjust box decreases.  When a run estimation is made, these event times are used to make the session estimated times more accurate.  Note that download time estimates are based on light frame downloads only.

The Reset Estimates button is used to reset all estimates to 0 and start the learning process again from scratch.  The Set Estimates button is used to enter an estimate where none exists or to enter a revised value. 

In general, these settings are best made automatically.