Log Examiner

CCDAutoPilot logs have a lot of information in them and it can be a bit tedious to find what you are looking for. The Log Examiner allows you to search for a specific set of characters (called a "string") and report all instances of that string.  Since what you are looking for may require some lines before or after your search string, that can also be selected.  Up to 10 search strings are saved.  You can even save the search results.  

  • Open log: This opens a window from which you can navigate to and select the log you wish to examine.  Once the log is selected it is displayed in the text window.
  • Search for: Enter the search term you wish to use for the search.  You can enter the number of lines before and after the search term,
  • Search: This searches the log for all instances of the search term and displays any lines before or after the search term you have specified.
  • Save Search: Allows you to save the search to a new file.  The default file name will be the same as the original log file with "_sort" appended to the log file name.  Of course you can name it anything you wish.
  • Reload: Reloads the original log file, replacing the search display.
  • Clear Search History: Clears the saved search strings.


    Suppose I want to see how focus changes over the course of a session.  If I enter "focus pos" as a search string, this is what I would see:

    Suppose I want to see how the weather changes during a session (I am using a cloud sensor).  Here I enter "ambient" as the search term:

    Now I want to see what the weather was like after each exposure.  I can select my previously entered search term "ambient" from the search pulldown but specify 1 lines before.

    As you can see, there are many repeating events and relationships that can be extracted from the log by the Log Examiner.  In fact, you can use Examiner to scan logs from other programs as well, for example FocusMax logs to similarly collect events and relationships.