Rotator Notes

When using an automated rotator, it is critical that the rotator rotate in the proper direction.    If Test Rotator Direction is checked on the Setup page, the rotator direction will be checked as part of the initialization process and you will be notified if the direction is incorrect.  Some rotators have no way to change them and are coded as such.  Others are settable and settings must be made so that operation is in the correct direction.  References to direction are viewed from the camera end and should be as follows:

Specific Hardware Notes
  • RCOS PIR: This is fixed by design.  CCW rotation should result increasing position counts or degrees.
  • Optec Pyxis: There are setup options.  The option should be chosen in which CCW rotation results in increasing position counts or degrees.  For the 2" Pyxis, this is normally the Reverse direction and for the 3" Pyxis, this is normally the default direction.  Direction is set on the ASCOM Properties page from the ASCOM Rotator Chooser. Check Change Driver next to the Rotator selection on the CCDAutoPilot Setup page, Software box. The chooser will become visible when Link to Software is hit.
  • Astrodon TAKometer: By design intent, CCW rotation should result in increasing position counts or degrees.  If the rotator position is negative, it should get less negative; if it is positive, it should get larger.  For example, CCW rotation should result in the position moving from -150 to-140 or 30 to 40.  If this is not the case, try loading factory defaults to see if this solves the issue.  Direction may also be changed by the RoboFocus Control Box, which drives the TAKometer.  Unlike other rotators, the TAKometer must be accurately calibrated to give good results.  Follow the instructions in the TAKometer documentation.  Once you have completed calibration, rotate the TAKometer to +180 and note the rotator's position, perhaps against a fixed reference.  Then rotate to -180.  The rotator should come to the same point  If it does not, re-calibrate as needed.  Ideally, you should get within 1 degree.

    General Considerations

    The rotator driver should be connected only to CCDAutoPilot, nothing else. Do not connect the rotator to TheSkyX or any other program. "No rotator can serve two masters!"