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Mount Notes

Make sure your mount is capable of responding to either or both Park and Tracking commands issued by CCDAutoPilot through the Telescope Control Program's automation interface.  This can be verified by using the Test Buttons.  If those buttons don't have the desired result, there is no way CCDAutoPilot can cause those actions to happen.  Check the mount driver software.  Many times there is a later revision that may address some missing functionality.

Specific hardware notes
  • Gemini: To allow proper meridian flip operation, check the Safety Slew box on the Guiding page.  See Meridian Crossing for details.  Alternatively, on your Gemini controller, set the Goto Limit to exactly the meridian - 90 degrees.
  • Paramount GT1100: For the original Paramount, check Safety Slew on the Guiding page.  See Meridian Crossing for details.
  • ASA Direct Drive: When using Maxim with Telescope(PulseGuide) for guiding, turn off AutoSlew in the mount's control software.

    Scitech Mount Setup (Courtesy of Peter Kalajian)

    Some specifics on Sitech Ascom driver using ascom.siTechdll.telescope as the ascom telescope. First of all, note that these instructions assume that you have set up Maxim using "telescope" as the guide mode and have the "instant total pulse guiding" and IsPulseGuiding always returns false" checked in the tab Ascom and logging in the SiTech controller configuration setup. 

    In the second image below, you can see that the Reverse Guide Mode when looking east (dec) is checked. This overrides the default settings in CCDAutoPilot which assume that the mount acts dumb when it comes to meridian flips, but this is the only way it works. You need to calibrate in the east.

    Note that to calibrate, you need to uncheck the two pulse guide checkboxes referred to earlier, but once you have a good calibration in CCDAutoPilot, then make sure to check them before you actually guide.

    Paramount MX/ME

    For proper meridian flipping, be sure to set the Flip Hour Angle to 0 in TheSkyX. (Telescope tab, Tools/Bisque TCS, Parameters)

    AstroPhysics GTO V2 Mount

    When using the ASCOM V2 driver with either ASCOM Direct or Telescope guide methods in Maxim, you should check ReverseY After Flip. It should not be checked for guide relays.

    PlaneWave Ascension 200HR

    When using Maxim with ASCOM Direct as the guide method, make the following setting to Guider Settings, Advanced tab, Guider Motor Control, On Pier Flip: Select Reverse X.