On this page you can review the settings for your planned session.  Warnings are given that may impact the success of your session so that you can take appropriate action before continuing.

The upper window is the Warnings window.  CCDAutoPilot examines your settings for any conflicts or issues that may make your session less successful.  While not everything can possibly be checked, these warnings are gleaned from customer inputs over the years in the hope of making your session success more likely.

The lower window shows the review of your session.  A summary of the session events, planned exposures and timing is shown for review. In addition, your equipment settings and settings for all of the controls are replicated here, grouped by function.  

The contents of both of these windows are placed at the start of your session log for recording your settings and to aid in diagnosing a session. They are also placed on the Windows clipboard so that it may be conveniently pasted into another application.

The Save To Notepad button will open Windows' notepad application and paste the contents of both windows there. This is convenient if you wish to print and review the session plan before starting.

The Run Session button initiates the session.  The Session window will open if it is not already open and display session information.