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One Year License Renewal

Since CCDAutoPilot version 5 was released in April 2010, features have been added upon request. In order to fund the future development and addition of new features, CCDAutoPilot licensing will be moving to a license renewal basis. This is the same approach used by other major astronomy software suppliers who continue to enhance their product.

There are three types of entries in Version History: New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes.

The functioning of New Features will depend on the issue date of the user license and the release date of the new feature. The feature release date will be the date the feature is first announced in the Version History page of CCDAutoPilot Help; your license issue date is shown in the Help/About window. A new license purchase will have access to all features announced at or prior to the time of purchase and for one year into the future.

If the license issue date is less than one year prior to the feature release date, the feature will be enabled; if the license is over one year prior to the feature release date, the feature will be visible but not enabled (grayed out) unless a subscription renewal is purchased.

Changes (minor changes in the way an existing feature works) and bug fixes will continue to be made available to all, regardless of the license issue date.And of course CCDAutoPilot will continue to be fully functional without any license renewal. Only the functioning of New Features will be impacted by the  license date as described above.

The one year license renewal cost is $75 USD and can be ordered from

For fastest results, use the email address you used to originally order the license when you order a license renewal. For your convenience, this license email is shown in the CCDAutoPilot Help/About window. If that email is no longer available, a manual renewal license will be issued but may take 24-48 hours.

When you renew your license, you will receive a new license file via email, the same as you did when you first licensed CCDAutoPilot. The email will contain instructions on how to install the new license file. After installation, your license will be for the same edition as your original license but the license issue date will now be the longer of 12 months from your renewal purchase date or 12 months added to your current license date. The renewal license will enable any new features up to one year from the license date and any features earlier than the license date.