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Concurrent Session Editing

In the desire to get a session started quickly, some critical settings for the latter part of the session may be forgotten or needed to be changed.  The Warning area on the Run page highlights the more common missed settings that can impact a session but given the many settings and options, it is understandable that some can be missed.  With the new structure of CCDAutoPilot Version 5, this is easily accommodated.  In general almost any setting on the main window can be changed while a session is running. Of course this excludes items on the Setup page.

Making changes should in general be while an exposure is in process.  This might include settings that might impact another session phase, such as flat settings, Data Assessment criteria, Notifications, etc.  If you are making changes that may impact the session exposures, such as changing the number of exposures for a series or adding a target, you must pause the session, wait for the session to pause, make your changes and then resume the session.  Make sure you use the Update button for whatever session phase(s) you change.  There is no need to abort a session and restart it.  The Target context menu is active only when the session is paused (or not running).

Edits not Recommended On-the-fly

Here is a brief list of edits not to make while a session is running.  It is not exhaustive but should be illustrative of what not to do.  In general, if the edit being contemplated is not currently in process, you can make the change.  When in doubt, pause the session first.
  • Don't change anything on the Setup page.
  • Don't change the order of targets.  Changing series settings for a given target is ok while the session is paused.
  • Don't change Focusing settings while focusing is in process.  Pause the session first.  
  • Don't change Focus Offset settings unless the session is pause
  • Don't change anything on the Guiding page that is active, e.g. during a light frame exposure.  Pause the session first.