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Program Settings Storage

Before this release, CCDAutoPilot stored some program settings in the Windows registry. Microsoft is strongly recommending against doing this for security reasons. Starting with this release, CCDAutoPilot will use an approved method of saving program settings. The afftected settings are:
  • System Profile
  • Target Database
  • Default ASCOM driver ID's for Dome, Focuser, Rotator, and Telescope.
  • Starting Sequence Number
  • Setup and Run window size and location
  • Update preferences

    When first started, this and subsequent versions of CCDAutoPilot will behave as a new installation, setting up default system profile and target database. To restore your desired settings, you will need to do the following one time after starting:

    1. From the CCDAutoPilot menu, load your desired system profile and target database.
    2.On the Setup page and If ASCOM is used for dome, focuser, rotator and/or telescope, you will be prompted to select your desired driver(s) for the appropriate settings in the Software box.
    3. On the Settings page, File Settings tab, select your desired Starting Sequence Number.
    4. Position and size the CCDAutoPilot main window and session windo as desired.
    5. If necessary, specify your Update settings from the CCDAutoPilot menu, Help/Get Updates from Web.

    (If you are unsure of your settings for step 1-3, consult your most recent log for these values.)

    When CCDAutoPilot is closed, all of these settings will be maintained and registry read and writes will no longer be used.

    In order to reset CCDAutoPilot, use Help/Troubleshooting/Reset from the CCDAutoPilot menu. If you are unable to start CCDAutoPilot, hold down the Control key on the keyboard while double-clicking on the CCDAutoPilot icon. The CCDAutoPilot Reset function will no longer be present on the Windows start menu.