PEMPro Version 2

With PEMPro Version 2 you can now correct your mounts periodic error, polar alignment and backlash using your CCD Camera or Webcam to dramatically improve tracking and guiding.

Reduce Periodic Error

Accurately Polar Align

Measure Backlash


Improve Your Images


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PEMPro Version 3 Coming!

  • One Click Periodic Error Measurement, Correction and Verification.
  • Even Easier Polar Alignment Wizard,
  • Improved Analysis Tools - FFT Analyzer, Guide Log Analyzer and More.
  • ASCOM Camera Support
  • SDK For Mounts and Cameras - Easier Support for New Devices

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What's new in Version 2

Polar Alignment Wizard
Quickly, accurately, and easily helps you dial in polar alignment.

Backlash Exerciser
Checks the backlash of your mount.

Star Finder
Helpful if you have a small CCD field of view to locate a star or other object when your mount's alignment is not perfect.

Video Interface
Provides a low cost way to use PEMPro using a webcam or inexpensive CCD camera. No extra software is required.