FocusMax V4 is the the premier auto-focusing software solution for thousands of professional and amateur astronomer’s worldwide! It is routinely used for automated asteroid and supernova searches, minor planet astrometry, variable star photometry, deep sky imaging, and more. Version 4 adds new features and capabilities to this already widely-accepted automatic focusing standard.


  • New focusing method that samples the star on both sides of with dynamic focus algorithm that adapts to varying seeing conditions to assure focus is placed within the Critical Focus Zone (CFZ).

  • FocusMax works seamlessly with MaxImDL v5 and V6, CCDSoft V5,TheSkyX Professional Camera Add On and Nebulosity V4. (More platforms coming.)

  • Automated focus star selection with either TheSkyX or PinPoint. Simply press a button and FocusMax will plate solve the current location, slew to a suitable focus star, center the focus star, initiate the focus routine and precisely return to the original plate solved starting coordinates.

  • It can work with two independent cameras and focusers across 1 or 2 camera platforms.

  • The user can specify initial exposure times for each filter and the time will be automatically adjusted to achieve a suitable star flux for precise focusing.

  • Greatly improved user interface with consolidated windows to reduce screen clutter. Customizable "soft buttons" to easily move to any main function window. Even colors and shapes are customizable!

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use statistical tools and graphs for analyzing V-curves and temperature compensation data.

  • Real time temperature compensation for 2 active focusers using the all new FocusMax temperature compensation methods or standard driver.

  • Improved First Light wizard for collecting V-curve system data.

  • Improved temperature compensation wizards using plate solving for automatic star selection.

The paper that started it all from the 2001 Imaging The Sky conference: Fast Auto-Focus Method and Software for CCD-based Telescopes.

How to use FocusMax: Tutorial

Key Features:

  • Multiple precision focusing algorithms
  • New dynamic focusing algorithm that adapts to seeing conditions
  • Interfaces with TheSkyX Camera Add On, MaxIm DL and CCDSoft (more coming)
  • Autofocus support for 2 cameras, 2 focusers across 2 imaging platforms
  • Automatically find and acquire suitable focus stars with TheSkyX Professional Image Link and PinPoint
  • Customizable, intuitive user interface.
  • Improved wizards to automate V-curve collection and temperature compensation data.
  • Ability to load and run custom scripts.




The reference automatic focusing program.

Accurate, automated and repeatable focusing.

Works with most major camera control programs.

Wizards for initial system characterization of focus and temperature compensation



From users...

I have been using FocusMax since it came out and it has been the best way to focus my telescope. When version 4 was introduced I said what many do that version 3 was working ok. Since there was a trial period and the installation was independent from version 3 I tried it. Wow, was I surprised when my RC 10 inch which is over sampled system reduced my HFD from 6 to 7 down into the 4’s. The additional new features such as the advance mode, setting initial exposures for each filter, and much better user interface makes moving from version 3 to 4 the best move any serious imager to obtain even sharper images than ever before. Thank you for an awesome upgrade.
- Dean Salman, AZ

As a long-time FocusMax user, thanks for taking the software to the next level with version 4. The AcquireStar function works great with TheSkyX Pro Camera Add-On. I am getting perfect, repeatable focus every time, usually in a minute or less. This quick focusing translates into more integration time.
- Ron Brecher, Canada