The Advanced Imaging Catalog

CCDNavigator uses "The Advanced Imager Catalog" which consists of objects imaged by some of the world's best imagers and includes a thumbnail of each object. Thus, you know in advance if an object will make an interesting photo.  

The Advanced Imager Catalog is comprised of images from the following astrophotographers:

The Deep Sky Explorer Catalog

For those looking to do more exploration of lesser known objects, CCDNavigator compiles many well known catalogs into one searchable database.

Explore an additional 23,000 objects using Nasa's Deep Sky Survey plate images from 18 celestial catalogs.

  • Abell Galaxy Clusters (ABELL)
  • Abell Planetary Nebula (A)
  • Arp Peculiar Galaxies (ARP)
  • Barnard Dark Nebula (B)
  • Cederblad Bright Diffuse Nebula (CED)
  • Gum HII Regions (GUM)
  • Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups (HCG)
  • Index Catalog (IC)
  • Lynds Bright Nebula (LBN)
  • Lynds Dark Nebula (LDN)
  • Messier Catalog (M)
  • New General Catalog (NGC)
  • Palomar Globulars (PAL)
  • Perek-Kohoutek Planetary Nebula (PK)
  • Sharpless HII Regions (SH2)
  • Galactic SNR Catalog (SNR)
  • Van Den Bergh Reflection Nebula (VDB)

Total Contol Over your Imaging Sessions

  • Target Criteria controls are provided so you can manage the session date plus the availability, elevation, size, and brightness of objects selected from the catalog.
  • All useful details about the session date are displayed including Sun rise and set, start and end of darkness, the maximum length of the session in hours & minutes, plus information about the Lunar dark cycle and possible interference by the Moon.
  • Technical data and a possible LRGBH allocation and order are given for each target. The LRGBH plan is easily modified and separate binning control for L, RGB and H as well as exposure duration for each filter is also provided.
  • The "EZ-Guide" feature lets you position targets for autoguiding with a guidescope, internal guidechip or off-axis guider using only three clicks.
  • The "In FOV" feature lets you find out what other objects will be captured in your camera's field-of-view when you image a target. Clicking on a thumbnail will provide a list of all objects within your camera's field-of-view (including camera angle).
  • Maintain a personal list of targets ("MyTargets") which is checked by CCDNavigator. If a target on the MyTargets list is available for imaging, the user is alerted. There are easy controls for adding targets and editing the list.
  • Your site location and system information can be saved into settings files and later retrieved so you can easily switch between different locations and equipment configurations.

Export your Imaging Plan

CCDNavigator will export your imaging plan into popular image automation programs:

For those not using automation programs, CCDNavigator exports plans for:

  • CCDSoft by Software Bisque
  • Maxim DL 4 by Diffraction Limited



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