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Introducing CCDAutoPilot 4.0

CCDAutoPilot Version 4.0 provides astrophotographers the tools and capabilities needed to optimize the imaging system and fully automate the image acquisition over the course of the evening. With the tools and utilities provided, CCDAutoPilot 4.0 moves from an automation program to an imaging platform, providing you with everything you need for successful imaging.

See the introduction tutorial below for more detail.


Easy to Install and Setup

CCDAutoPilot is easy to install and setup so you can get up and running quickly. The intuitive interface works the way you do, logically stepping you through the process to create an evening's imaging session with no scripting required.

Automatic Measurement Tools

CCDAutoPilot 4.0 includes automated tools to measure your camera's gain and read noise, your sky glow and color combine ratio (G2V ratio), all at the click of a button. With the Professional edition, your extinction-corrected combine ratio is calculated for you automatically. You can characterize your camera system's performance to determine your minimum sub-exposure, number of darks and operating temperature.

Flexible, Powerful Target Management

Selecting, framing and managing your targets are done interactively with tight integration with TheSky6 giving you  real-time feedback to plan complex imaging sequences either connected to your imaging system or working off-line during the day.

Multiple Targets and Mosaics

CCDAutoPilot 4.0 Professional adds new multi-target and mosaic capabilities perfect for unlimited targets for astrophotography and survey work. With its powerful importers, you can easily create target lists from a wide variety of applications. Complex Mosaics are achieved with one click, providing anyone the ability to take wonderful wide field images with very narrow field equipment.

Find out More

Click on the demonstration above to learn more about the ease of use and power of CCDAutoPilot 4.0.


Quick and Easy to Setup
Image Single or Multiple Targets
Keeps Perfect Focus All Night Long
Automatic Auto-Guiding and Tracking
Any Light Frames for Any Target
Collect Dark and Bias Frames
Automatic Sky Flats Dawn and Dusk
Customized Options for Every System
Automate all Imaging Functions

From the beta testers...

CCDAutoPilot4's new features and enhancements have made my imaging time more efficient and enjoyable. From easier setup, to auto guide star exposures, to new tools, to better flat efficiency, to more data at your fingertips, CCDAutoPilot4 lets me get the most out of my system. Thanks John, for an outstanding job improving your software for the capabilities we need!!!
- Sandy Barnes, SC, USA

CCDAutoPilot4 is a significant step forward in the amazing CCDAutoPilot imaging platform evolution. Not only does this set of imaging tools make a complex process simple, it provides creative freedom. From target planning and framing to the final acquisition of data, this software provides all of the solutions needed, while allowing sleep as a bonus!
- Ken Crawford, CA, USA