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CCDAutoPilot always opens at the Setup page.  This is where you define your server software and hardware to be controlled. It is important that the information on this page be accurate and the server software be functional.  

The Software and Equipment boxes will be described in subsequent topics
Link to Software: When pressed, CCDAutoPilot links to the server software as defined in the Software box.  This action will attempt to launch all specified programs. If this does not happen, see Troubleshooting. Linking to Software in Planning mode as a minimum is required for session planning. If you plan to use the From FIT function on the Session page, a suitable Plate Solve choice is also required. The linking progress is shown at the left end of the status panel.  When linking is complete, the button text will change to Disconnect so that you can disconnect from the software.  The info window at the left will show the software connected, as well as info about your PC and Windows environment.  If you see a version reported as "9999", this means CCDAutoPilot was unable to determine the version of this particular software on its own. Make sure the application meets the minimum version requirement described here. This data is replicated in your log whenever a session is run.

AutoRun: When checked, CCDAutoPilot will start automatically after a 5 second delay, link to all specified software and immediately begin to run a session. When AutoRun is checked and CCDAutoPilot is started, the AutoRun can be aborted by unchecking AutoRun within the first 5 seconds of starting. See the Enhanced Automation topic for suggested usage.

Plate Solve Current Location:  is a convenient way to test plate solving.  CCDAutoPilot will attempt to plate solve the current telescope location and upon your confirmation, attempt a precision slew to the solved coordinates.  Since no telescope pointing is perfect, you should generally see a slight movement of the telescope upon a successful plate solve.   If plate solving fails, then there will be no correcting slew and the telescope won't move. The progress is displayed in the status panel.  Hint: If you like to do an initial sync at the start of a session, check With Sync in the Mount box and a sync will be performed.  Don't forget to uncheck With Sync if you do not use this option as part of your mount operation.

Initialize: This starts the Initialization process.  See the Initialization topic for more details.

Test Rotator Direction: When checked, the rotator will be moved three times to insure the rotator moves in the proper direction, consistent with Position Angle.  Once your rotator direction is confirmed, this box can be unchecked for faster initialization.