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The Session page is a convenient all-in-one page to plan your session's data acquisition for light frames and calibration frames.  There is a lot happening on this page so please review this and the following topics carefully.  Since you are interacting with a database, it is important to hit the Update button before leaving a target to move to another or before change from one tab to another.  Failure to do this may result in loss of part of your session plan.

Across the top of the page, you see 5 tabs representing possible data acquisition from dusk to dawn, with dark/bias opportunities on either side of the light frames.  When moving from one session phase to the other, you will see the various elapsed times updated in the Session info window.  When on the Light Frames session, reference information is presented for the selected target, sun and moon ephemerides.

The top half of the page is the Target Window.  Here, the targets database is shown.  All entries can be edited by simply clicking on them, entering the new data and hitting the update button before moving on to the next target.  Because  the target name is a primary key in the database, it can only be edited by double-clicking on the target name and being up an edit window.  Duplicate target names are not allowed.  

Targets are selected by clicking on the Row Header for the target.  Right-clicking anywhere in the Target Window brings up a context menu as shown.  The function of these menu items is described in the command summary,

The Series Window allows entering the series data for the selected target.  There is also a two-stage context menu, available by right-clicking anywhere in the Series Window.  These are the two menus:


Again, the function of these context menus are discussed in the command summary.

The Splitter bar can be moved vertically by clicking on it and dragging it down.  This is useful if you are dealing with a large number of targets and want to minimize scrolling.